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„ ANSYST 98” LTD performs destructive testing of materials as follows:

  • Tensile testing at room and elevated temperature: tensile strength (Rm); upper yield strength (ReH); proof strength (Rp); elongation after rupture (А); contraction after rupture (Z).

БДС EN ISO 6892-1;
БДС EN ISO 6892-2;
БДС EN ISO 4136;
БДС EN 10164.

  • Sharpy impact testing: impact energy (KV 300, KU 300);
    impact toughness (KCV, KCU).

БДС EN ISO 148-1;
БДС EN ISO 9016;
ГОСТ 9454.

  • Technological testing: tube flattening test; tube drift-expanding test; bending test.

БДС EN ISO 8492;
БДС EN ISO 8493;
БДС EN ISO 7438;
БДС EN ISO 5173.

  • Hardness testing: Brinell (HB); Rockwell (HRC, HRB); Vickers (HV).

БДС EN ISO 6506-1;
БДС EN ISO 6507-1;
БДС EN ISO 6508-1;
БДС EN ISO 9015-1;
БДС EN ISO 16859-1.

  • Long duration strength testing: creep rupture strength (Ru/t/T); elongation after rupture (Аu); contraction after rupture (Zu).

СО 153-34.17.471.

  • Micro structure analysis: non-metallic inclusions; grain size; degree of banding; widmanstatten orientation; creep damage class; Intergranular corrosion; decarburization layer depth; structure components (ferrite, pearlite, martensite, bainite and their percent parts, different eutectics phases, twins, etc.).

БДС 3326; БДС EN 10247;
БДС 11174; БДС EN ISO 643;
БДС 14254;
БДС 3690;
БДС 3316; БДС EN ISO 3887;
СО 34-70-690;
VGB-S-517-00 (VGB-TW 507).

  • Macro structure: rods and semi-manufactures (central porosity, liquation, undercover blisters, laminar crystallization, light band etc.); welds (cracks, cavities, solid inclusions, lack of fusion and penetration, imperfect shape and dimensions etc.).

БДС 12730;
БДС EN ISO 17639;
БДС EN ISO 6520-1;
БДС EN ISO 6520-2.