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  • Non destructive testing of metal structure
  • Hardness testing
  • Ultrasonic wall thickness measurement

ANSYST 98 implements non destructive testing (NDT) of metal structure, also known as in situ metallographic or replication. This method saves money and time and can help to avoid damage and failures of almost all equipment under pressure.

Replication can be applied for examination of metal structure of surfaces of different form flat and curvilinear, and is exceptionally suitable to examinee the metal structure alteration of power equipment working at high temperatures in creep conditions, especially when destructive testing is impossible.

Lot parameters of microstructure can be determinate: non metal inclusions; grain size; banding; widmanstatten orientation; creep damage class; structure components: ferrite, pearlite, martensite, bainite and their percent parts; different eutectics; phases, twins etc.

To see a typical protocol of a tube bend examination click HERE.

Usually ANSYST 98 implements in situ metallographic together with hardness and element wall thickness measurement.

ANSYST 98 has significant experience of more than 8 000 replications for different materials and equipment.